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CLICK the SHOPPING CART above to purchase the album No Greater Love or it's ndividual tracks and benefit children at risk throughout the local, as well as the international community.

The album consists of the following 18 tracks:

  • Godfather (Instrumental)
  • My Deep Thoughts (Instrumental)
  • Honoring My Dad (Instrumental)
  • Summertime (Instrumental)
  • The Windmills of Your Mind (Instrumental)
  • Letter to Mom (French Lyrics)
  • Kiss Me a Lot (Instrumental)
  • Seven Chapters of Love (English Lyrics)
  • What Now My Love (French Lyrics)
  • Only Once (Instrumental)
  • My Homeland (Instrumental)
  • Albinoni Adagio (Instrumental)
  • Russian Concerto (Instrumental)
  • Frenesie (Instrumental with Orchestra)
  • Spanish Blues (Instrumental with Orchestra)
  • Blue Bosa (Instrumental with Orchestra)
  • The Italian ((talian Lyrics)
  • Few Notes for Anna (Instrumental with Orchestra)

SCC Release 2009. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction, duplication or distribution without SCC permission is strictly prohibited. Made in the U.S.A.

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